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Custom Night

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Custom Night

Custom Night is a special night in Five Nights at Freddy’s. You can adjust the difficulty level of animatronics, except for Golden Freddy. Depend on what you select, they will act
They will act depending on the setting that you pick. If they have the high A.I, they will become more aggressive and vice versa.

Level 0

If the animatronics has level 0, you will disable them. Bonnie and Chica will only move from the Show Stage at later hours while Freddy Fazbear never does that. And, Foxy will almost never be seen in Pirate Cove. But, Freddy will come if the power goes out.

Freddy Fazbear

This is the least active character in Fnaf game’s custom night. On level 1 and 2, he is very inactive. On levels 3-6, he is more active and behaves like he is present in Night 3. On levels 7 – 12, Freddy is most active. He can attack you. Shut the right door when pulling up the camera or keeping the monitor on the East Hall Corner, or, close the right door when checking other cameras.

Bonnie and Chica

They work fairly same. On levels 1 – 2, they will act as they did on Night 2.  On levels 3 – 6, they appear more. On levels 7 – 12, they are present much more frequently. On levels 13 – 20, you can see them clearly. At level 20, they will approach the door. If you detect them in their blind spot, close the door quickly.


On levels 1 – 2, he acts as he did in Night 1 and 2. On levels 3 – 6, he takes on Night 3. Remember to reduce viewing the Pirate Cove! On levels 7 – 12, Foxy will appear there and attack more. On levels 13 – 20, he will work faster. On Level 20, Foxy will reappear that position after having attacked.

After you win the Custom night, you will obtain a “Notice of Termination”. It shows that you were fired for Tampering with the animatronics, general unprofessionalism and odor.

Special Input Codes

  • 0/0/0/0 is the exciting mode in Five Nights at Freddy’s for finding hidden Easter eggs or noting changes. Setting all A.I. difficulty levels to zero can’t disable all four robots.
  • 20/20/20/20 is nicknamed “4/20 Mode” or “Nightmare Mode”. It is the most difficult setting.

Strategies for winning 20/20/20/20

The first way:

  • Close the right door when you pull the Monitor to prevent Freddy.
  • Open up the Monitor and observe the Pirate Cove for Foxy. If he is triggered, close the left door fast before checking the West Hall.
  • Close the camera, open the right door and check two hallways for Bonnie and Chica. If one of them is at the doors, close and open them when they leave.
  • Repeat.

(Note: It’s effective if Freddy plays his longer jingle.)

The second way:

  • Open the Monitor and check the East Hall Corner in Five Nights at Freddy’s for Freddy.
  • Close the camera and check the corridors. If Bonnie or Chica stands at the door, close it.
  • Reopen the Monitor and check the East Hall Corner for Freddy as well as Pirate Cove for Foxy. If Foxy is activated, close the left door before you check the West Hall.
  • Close the camera and repeat.

(Note: this method will not require Freddy playing his longer jingle. But, it is more dangerous than the former.)Custom Night

  • 1/9/8/7

With the version 1.13, you can’t play the Custom Night with this setting. If you try to enter this code, you will instantly trigger Golden Freddy’s kill screen. And, it will close the game then. It was added by Scott Cawthon to remove false rumors about entering 1/9/8/7 (a reference to The Bite of ’87) and set difficulty settings to get another ending.


  • Checking Pirate Cove in Fnaf game via cameras for beating 20/20/20/20 is the most helpful tactic. You can start from the left door’s light for Bonnie and the right door’s light for Chica then. Supervise Pirate Cover quickly before closing the right door and opening the monitor. Repeat. If Foxy is gone, close the left door and wait until he bangs the door. Reopen the left door and repeat. Keep an eye on both doors to stop Bonnie or Chica when they stand near the door.
  • Or, you can check the East Hall Corner to keep Foxy at bay while pulling the camera without shutting any door. If the night hits 5 AM, the power is at about 3 to 5%. And Freddy will play his song at the end. You will be able to survive and complete the night.
  • Combine these strategies by checking the East Hall Corner very frequently and Pirate Cove only casually while checking the lights for Bonnie or Chica and closing the doors.
  • Save a little power by closing the right door and checking the camera in the shortest time.
  • Should not use the camera, turn on the lights, or close the doors when the power has only 4-5% left.
  • Should only check Pirate Cove to know when Foxy will attack. If he bangs on the door more than twice during the night shift, restart because he will drain much more power.
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