FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition

FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition

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FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition ALPHA 4 [FIX 1.4] 0.0.4

FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition

FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition is an extremely exciting Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame. In which, you will control and guide a clan including the best fighter coming from the official game by Scott Cawthon. They are not scary. But, they look like adorable heroes. Your mission is to defeat all of the evil bosses to fix glitches that they caused to the animatronics world. The multiplayer edition will provide to players two-player battles. After you collect the strongest characters, you can lead them to the arena where you help them pick out appropriate weapons to attack the opponents or choose the right ability to restore their health. Not only that, the Fnaf game that you love will give you the occasion to trade Bytes and chips. They are upgrades which can bring to you lots of money or other bytes and chips. Besides, you can add as many friends as you want with the friends option and private messaging. It’s possible for you to chat them privately or warp to their location! Your internet connection should work effectively. Have at least 1 GB RAM to run your game! Have fun!

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FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition
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