Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

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Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2 is an interesting Five Nights at Freddy’s fanmade containing lots of information about features. Why don’t you spend a minute to read all of them?

  • Updated new description
  • Unlocked new animatronics

In the combat, you can see a shiny arrow in the peak of the head of the character. If you can beat the enemy, he will have to become the member of your team.

Attacks of animatronics: every fighter will own their unique attack style. It means that you will have more chances to defeat the opponent and win faster. You should have the strategy to prevent the worst situations despite they have various weapons and skills.

  • Bosses

Bosses are the main target in Fnaf game that you need to destroy. If they decide to join your clan, you can select them because they will support you in a few fights. Be careful! If the foe possesses a BossDrain, his health and stamina will be lowered gradually. You must cure him or he will die.

After events end, the adversary will have some mayhem. Their number will decrease. Next, Fredbear will launch 4 opponents to destroy Freddy and CO. But, they will get troubles when fighting against the strongest rivals. In a separate incident, you will play as the bad guys so as to conquer the good ones.

How to play

Create a team including 8 characters. Try to level up to unlock more! You’d better look for EXP in boxes. Some of them can give to you 50, 100 or 300. Don’t forget to hunt bosses as well as make them follow you!

An ending will be added if you:

  • Win the game usually, go after Redbear
  • Go against Redbear
  • Have Scott Cawthon and battle Freddy
  • Have Chipper and battle Freddy
  • Get Supremem Fredbear
  • Obtain Crash Kandicoot
  • Enter a malfunctioned object
  • Collect the fan
  • For Clock ending, all animatronic robots need to go against Freddy
Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2
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