Project Fazbear Exodus

Project Fazbear Exodus

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Project Fazbear Exodus

Project Fazbear Exodus includes a new version which is releasing this fall. So, you should enjoy the Pre-Alpha for the 2D version. You will play as the newly hired night-shift watchman who is walking to the place. But, something makes you feel worried about the mission that you are going to implement because you heard about rumors of death, destruction, and disease happened at that location. However, everything doesn’t stop there. Let’s keep going and explore the remaining part without being damaged!

Project Fazbear Exodus - Server (2D Pre-Alpha)

File Size: 2 MB - Version: 1.0.1 for

Project Fazbear Exodus -- 2D Pre-Alpha (With Launcher)

File Size: 50 MB - Version: 1.0.1 for

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