Survive Teddy’s Pizzeria

Survive Teddy’s Pizzeria

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Survive Teddy’s Pizzeria

Survive Teddy’s Pizzeria is a fantastic Five Nights at Freddy’s game inspired by Scott Cawthon’s idea. It is also not the copy of Nights at Buddys. After you enter the restaurant, you can embark on your job that you have gotten. There are many dangerous animated jumpscares can put an end to your life anytime. Thus, you should act strategically in order to push the enemy back before they hurt you. Currently, the game possesses many improvements, fixed bugs, strange music and much more. Explore your story right now!

Survive Teddy's Pizzeria The Full Release Update 2

File Size: 20 MB - Version: 1.0.0 for

Survive Teddy's Pizzeria: ANDROID EDITION

File Size: unknow size - Version: 1.0.0 for

Survive Teddy’s Pizzeria
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